My Story: 

Why Love and Liberation?

I grew up with a family history of toxic relationship patterns. Codependence and narcissism reigned the family dynamic and were passed on to each generation. As a hypersensitive empath and introverted child - overstimulated or drained by raging emotions - these cycles of grief were too much to bare.

So I avoided them with addictions. And I unconsciously repeated the same patterns in my personal and professional relationships.


From one relationship to another, I swung back and forth between playing the role of a narcissist or codependent.


I was desperately seeking love, but lived under the illusion of love. At the time, I thought love happened when two people came together to meet each other's needs.


I attempted to control others thoughts and behaviors in order to meet my needs (narcissism). And I sought others approval by adjusting my thoughts and behaviors in order to meet their needs (codependence). 


In both cases, I lived from a state of void and insecurity.


While I craved to know what love really was, I didn't realize my self-neglect was the very thing blocking me from what I craved most.


Eventually, the pain of my neglected wounds became unbearable when physical threats and psychological abuse hit me like a ton of bricks in my former marriage. That was the first time I became aware of how toxic patterns from my past were being recreated in my present.

My unraveling began. And after no luck with therapists or psychologists, I realized I craved something more...

A soul transformation.

I was guided to a spiritual teacher who taught me how to experience a deep connection with my own Soul. It felt like what could only be expressed as a love from God, Universe, Source. It was expansive and deeply fulfilling.


And in that knowing, I knew who I was for the very first time. I discovered my True Self, which was masked behind layers of insecurity.

The awe and magic of this love brought me to tears. And from that moment on, the way I viewed the world completely changed. The way I saw people changed, because I could now see and feel their Souls - just as I did mine.

The problem was that the majority of the world did not see this within themselves. 

I saw and felt the Love within others as much as I did their emotional pain. But they were operating from their focus on emotional pain. I knew I had to do something about it.

So I started with children. I was a school teacher at the time of experiencing this transformation. I integrated an adapted version of this transformation as an SEL (social emotional learning) practice with my students. They received and perceived it well.


The phrase, "remember who you really are" became the norm in the classroom because they knew they could choose to "be the real, loving you - the way you were naturally born". 


But I continued to experience forms of narcissism (control) and codependence (approval) in the workplace. It challenged my own tendencies as well. And I quickly realized it wasn't the children who needed this awakening. Being loving was easy for them.


It was the adults who were unconscious. We were the ones that directly asserted our power over children. We were the ones projecting our wounds onto them.


Over the next 6 years, I began to prepare myself to serve in a more spiritually and soulfully aligned way.

I left a marriage that was no longer meant for me. I developed my empathic, intuitive and energetic abilities. I learned how to manage and set boundaries to for self-care around my hypersensitivities. I studied emotional and spiritual intelligence. I received support from other intuitive and transformational coaches as I continued to evolve in my own healing. I left my former career as an elementary school teacher. 


And I developed a framework for soul transformation, influenced by the pedagogy, spirituality and psychology I experienced with my mentors along the way.


I was fueled by a mission. I wanted to help people experience what love really is (and understand what it is not).

So I offered my services to people who were truly ready for transformation and began my practice as a Love & Liberation Coach. 


Since my childhood, I experienced how wounded people create a wounded planet. And I believe the best way to raise unconditional love on the planet is to raise unconditional love and acceptance within ourselves.


It's time to heal. The world needs your love now.


YOU need your love now.

©2020 by Linda Sulvita

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